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Cold Weather Power backup with USB-C, Barrel (19V-21.5V), 12V, USB-A

Cold Weather Power backup with USB-C, Barrel (19V-21.5V), 12V, USB-A

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    • Cold Weather Universal DC UPS for Laptops (USB-C, Barrel, Square)Special defense equipment, Phones and much more
    • Large Capacity: 51,000/66,000 mAh 190/250 WHr) Electric Vehicle grade Li-Ion Batteries
      • Specially designed with warmer for higher reaches and cold climate
        • Works with all laptop types MacBook - Air, Mackbook-Pro, All windows laptops (USB-C and Barrel)
        • Customization available here
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          • Backup for cold weather conditions (Sub-zero) - Heated and insulated
          • Multiple Outputs
          • All laptops - USB-C(PD), Barrel, Square, Macbook-Air, Macbook-Pro
          • All Routers - Barrel - 12V, 19V, USB-A (5V)
          • Aluminum enclosure for light weight, efficient heat dissipation, and superior finish.
          • Visual Capacity Meter
          • Light Weight
          • Compact Size
          • Electric Vehicle (EV) grade Li-Ion batteries
          • Custom engineered Li-Ion CC/CV Charger provided for high capacity, long life and safe operation
          • All-around Safety: BMS (Battery Management System)
          • 6-layer protection (Reverse polarity, Over-voltage, Triple-layer over-current, Short-circuit, Surge)
          • Aluminium enclosure with precision LASER cutting and manufacturing (Thermal balancing for hot climate like India)
          • Designed and Manufactured in India #atmanirbhar

          TECH SPECS

          • Voltage Ratings

          - USB-C PD (5V, 9V, 15V, 20V)

          - DC Barrel 19 - 21.5V

          - DC Barrel 12V

          - USB-A 5V

          • Total Power rating - 65W continuous
          • Capacity - 51,000/66,000 mAH (190/250 WHr)
          • Weight - 1400 gms (excluding charger)
          • Dimensions - 15 cm x 9 cm x 2.5 cm
          • Charger - 12V, Li-Ion CC/CV Charger (included)
          • Cables - Output cable of 3.5mm to 5.5mm (included)
          • Heater - Triggered automatically at low temperatures


          Q: What devices are compatible with this UPS?

          A:This UPS is compatible with all DC devices using USB-C, Barrel/Square (19-21V), 12V and USB-A. This includes routers, ONTs, laptops, Macbooks, security cameras, and more.

          Q: How long will this UPS provide backup power?

          A: The backup time provided by this UPS will vary depending on the current draw of the connected device. It can take a total load of 75W simultaneously across all output types.

          Q: Is this UPS compatible with sensitive routers?

          A: Yes, this UPS is compatible with sensitive routers, including Jio, Syrotech, Netlink, BSNL, and Alphion.

          Q: Is this UPS lightweight and portable?

          A: Yes, this UPS is lightweight and portable, making it easy to install and transport. You can even place your router on top of the UPS for added convenience. Only 1400 gms without charger.

          Q: Does this UPS have a capacity meter?

          A: Yes, this UPS features a capacity meter that allows you to check the remaining battery life at a glance. This is a unique feature that is not found in most other UPS models.

          Q. What Additional Features does this unit have ?

          A. The charger has a surge protection to safeguard your devices from power spikes and surges. Compact design that fits easily into any workspace. Easy-to-use plug-and-play operation

          Q. Can I use this UPS for multiple devices.

          A: Yes, you can use this UPS for multiple devices with a total load rating of 75W.

          Q. Does the charger have surge protectors?

          A. The charger has a surge protection to safeguard your devices from power spikes and surges

          Q. Wha is unique about Energy Intelligence Router UPS?

          A. Most of the router UPS do not provide technically correct Li-Ion charger. The charger we provide is especially designed for Li-Ion batteries for safe operation, high capacity and longer life.

          How to check Voltage(V)/Current(A) rating of your router/CCTV?

          A. Detailed instructions on checking your router Voltage and Current rating is here. Or contact us.