How to identify the Current(A) and Voltage(V) of your device?

Where can I check Current (A) and Voltage(V) of my device

Most WiFi Routers, Modems, CCTV and such DC devices are powered using A/C adapters. These devices are either wall plug mounted or inline.

Wall Adapter  Wall Adapter

Inline Adapter  Inline Adapter 

Both kind have a power label indicating the current (A)voltage( V) and sometimes power (W) rating. The power label usually looks like this

Adapter Power Label

For the purpose of selecting the right UPS model, you will need to know  Output Voltage (V) and Current (A). Voltage is measured in Volts(V) and Current in Amperes(A).

Best way to find the voltage and current rating of your router is to look at the label on the adapter of your router.

Once you look up the Current rating, you can use the Product Selection Tool here to configure the right model for you.

Energy Intelligence Product Selection Tool

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