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MOSFET Trigger Switch Module with Heat Sink (400 watt load, 5-36V)

MOSFET Trigger Switch Module with Heat Sink (400 watt load, 5-36V)

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This module is used to power devices like DC motors, light bulbs, robotic arm , robotic wheel drive DC motors, heating elements, solar charger controller,  Li-Ion battery packs switching on/off, LED display boards and any similar DC application of up to 36 volt.

This module can be used as ON/OFF static SWITCH or can be PWM controlled . The trigger signal or PWM signal can we of 3.3 -20 V serving any logic level either coming from CMOS or TTL logic from micro-controllers or any other controlling IC or transistor.

The module has two low Resistance N Channel MOSFET in parallel along with integrated heat sink to ensure maximum constant current of 15A and up to 400W at a high ambient temperature of 50 deg C suitable for tropical climate like India. The module has SMD LED which shows the ON/OFF condition based on the input trigger.

Size: 34 x 17 x 12 mm
Weight: ~11 grams with Heat Sink
Operating Temperature: -10 to + 60 Deg C with full load of 15 Amp and 400W , -10 to +75 Deg C with half load.

Note:  All modules are individually tested by Energy Intelligence team before dispatch.

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