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12V/2.5A High Speed & High Capacity Compatible Adapter

12V/2.5A High Speed & High Capacity Compatible Adapter

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Many routers/modems come with low current adaptors. Many adaptors are rated as 1A but deliver lesser current. These adaptors either cannot provide enough current to charge the UPS or not charge it in short enough time. This can result in the miniUPS taking too long a time to charge or the UPS not providing long enough backup - specially when using Dual Device set up.

  • Proprietary charging profile to achieve faster charging speed. Charging time  almost 15% less than regular OEM adapters.
  • Also enables ~10% more capacity (backup time)
  • Only compatible with energy intelligence miniUPS.
  • Do not use for other Router UPS make/model

This "12V High Speed & High Capacity Adaptor" is especially tuned and certified by Energy Intelligence for the 12V mini UPS platform to charge the mini UPS with 2A steady state and 2.5A peak current. This special tuning makes sure your mini UPS  gets charged completely and in reasonable time.

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