Converter Cable pair for 5.5mm tip to 3.5mm tip DC barrel. One converts from 3.5mm to 5.5mm female to make, Other converts 3.5mm female to 5.5mm male barrell connector

5.5mm ⇠⇢ 3.5mm DC Power Barrel Converter Cable Pair

Energy Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.
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Converter Cables for 5.5mm tip to 3.5mm tip DC barrel - pair

Cable 1

  • IN - Female connector: Accepts 5.5 mm barrel tip
  • OUT - Male connector: to 3.5 mm barrel tip

Cable 2

  • IN - Female connector: Accepts 3.5 mm barrel tip
  • OUT - Male connector: to 5.5 mm barrel tip


  • For DC 3 volt to 24 volt, Max load up to 3A
  • Material : Plastic, Metal
  • Brand new and High quality
  • Package Contents: DC Power Converter Cable

Each converter is individually tested