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Your company has partnered with us to bring uninterrupted internet to you by using our patent pending mini UPSWe are the only company to have products in this space with a 3 yrs warranty and all our products are designed and built in India for tropical climate.

Energy Intelligence Feature Icoons

With the Energy Intelligence Patent Pending devices you get:

  • No router reboot & uninterrupted internet assured for all routers during power cuts including JIO , Airtel , Netlink, Syrotech routers.
  • One device can run router and modem together with any voltage configuration (12V/9V/5V/19V). No other devices cater to this variability with local ISP hardware in smaller towns.
  • Models available with backup from 2 to 11 hrs
  • 3 year repair/replacement warranty including battery
  • Easy DIY installation. Preview installation manual here
  • Phone and Whatsapp support for product selection, installation, and diagnostics
  • Appropriate high capacity adapter / charger included in all models above 4 hrs backup duration
  • High current models available for ASUS 19 V, Netgear Orbi , Netgear Nighthawk WiFi 6 Hi power routers
When ordering the UPS:
  1. Select the Model of the UPS from the home page. UPS now available for High Current gaming routers, NAS devices and Monitors also
  2. Add to cart and apply discount code "TALVIEW10" at checkout or use this special link to order for a discount of 10% on all orders over ₹1500
  3. "Checkout"
  4. Enjoy-uninterrupted internet


  1. Our Warranty policy and process can be reviewed here
  2. You can contact us hello@energyintelligence.in if you have any questions or need help identifying the right device
  3. We only ship using road transport - in line with Li-Ion shipping regulations and usual delivery time is 7 - 10 days. Dispatch time is 2 - 4 business days from the order date.
  4. You can review miniUPS details here

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