Warranty Policy (India Only)

Energy Intelligence Private Limited warrants its UPS products (products with battery) to the original buyer of the products free from any defects in material and manufacturing that affect the operation of the device for three years (36 months) from the date of delivery. This limited warranty is also valid for any products repaired or replaced by us till the end of this 36 months duration. This warranty is not transferrable and applies only to the original buyer. In case of a B2B purchase, the warranty is managed through your IT/procurement department. All accessories like cables, connectors, adapters have a limited warranty of one year (12 months).

If the product does not work satisfactorily** (see definition below) due to design, construction or materials, during this limited warranty period then contact us and we will work to troubleshoot it for you and if we cannot, we will replace/repair the unit free of charge. Please do not ship the device without following the warranty claim steps at the bottom of this page. Once we determine that the unit needs service, you will need to ship the unit to us at your cost. We will then repair or ship a replacement at our cost.

** For the purposes of this limited warranty, Satisfactory Working is defined as follows – The device works as advertised within the limits of the normal degradation during usage over time for most of the routers/modems. Other than the discrete operation of the device, which is clear, Energy Intelligence has sole discretion in determining what is the acceptable appropriate capacity and what method is used to measure this capacity over time.

This limited warranty does not cover any damage during freight – visible or otherwise. The customer must contact the courier and the manufacturer and inform us about any damage or problems within 48 hours of receipt. If any damage is not reported within 48 hours, the customer will have to bear all costs of shipping/repair/replacement.


This limited warranty does not apply for damages caused by

  1. Accidental or intentional drop
  2. Misuse (like shorting or applying higher voltage than specified)
  3. Liquid spills
  4. Outdoor usage or use near heat sources
  5. Acts of God like typhoon, flood, earthquake
  6. Intentional tampering / visible opening (we have tamper evidence in the unit)
  7. Attempted repair
  8. Any incidental or indirect damages like loss of damaged data, loss of usage of connected devices, inability to correctly install the products, connecting devices to incorrect rating appliances

In no event, the claim for any product will exceed the amount the customer paid for the device.

Follow the following steps to avail of this warranty.

Step 1. The device comes with a 36 months warranty from the date it is received by the customer.

Step 2. Please make sure to inspect and use the device within 2 business days of receipt to make sure there is no transit damage. If so, please report to the courier and Energy Intelligence at hello@energyintelligence.in as soon as you can to register the damage. Such damages are usually covered by the courier and there is a 48 hours limit on reporting such damages.

Step 3. If your device fails to operate as advertised within the above warranty period, please open a warranty request at Warranty Claim Page and provide all the information requested. This information includes your Name, Date of Purchase, Order #, Place of purchase, Sr# mentioned on the device, the problem being experienced. We will get back to you within 48 hours of the request.

P.S. Do Not ship the product directly to us without having a conversation with us to understand the issue being experienced and if it is covered under warranty.

If you have any other questions about this limited warranty, please contact us at hello@energyintelligence.in