About Us

We are a group of technologists who have worked in the technology industry for over 40 years. From tinkering at home, to building and operating multi-million dollar businesses, we have broad hardware, software, and firmware experience.

After working in the tech industry in multiple countries and industries, in 2019 we decided to focus our expertise to bring cost-effective energy storage solutions to India. India has the unique opportunity to adopt electric storage technologies given the need for reliable energy, the need to manage pollution, and ample sunlight. Our view is that the world today does not have an energy scarcity, but an energy storage opportunity. From this, Energy Intelligence Private Limited was born. Our goal is to facilitate this transition to electric mobility and energy storage in India while focusing on indigenous technology to reduce our dependence on imports.

Early in 2020, as the pandemic struck, people stayed home and the e-mobility sector slowed down, we saw a need to fill a crucial need for reliable internet for the work from home/school from home population. Today in India, over 57% of households have on average 4-hour power cuts every day. In offices and schools, these power interruptions are solved with diesel generating sets. Even in homes that have diesel generating sets, there is usually a minute or two of interruption as the generator kicks in. While for many appliances this momentary disruption is acceptable, if you are in a critical meeting, supporting a customer, making a corporate pitch, or in a class taking an online test – even this short interruption can drop the network connection and interrupt whatever you are in the middle of. This problem needed a distributed solution – centralized generators do not solve it. So, we came up with miniUPS designed from the ground up for the WiFi routers.

This miniUPS is small, comes in different capacities (for different backup times from 3 - 11 hours), supports routers working at 12V/9V/5V, supports single or dual devices, and is designed and built in India for the Indian climate. We introduced the product in mid-2020 and the support has been overwhelming from around the country. As of now, we have shipped to nearly every state in India.

If you have any questions about our products, compatibility, suggestions or you would like to reach out with feedback or kudos, please contact us directly or on social media. We want to delight the Indian consumer, all while developing indigenous technology solutions.

Energy Intelligence Team:

director - Swati Ruhela swati@energyintelligence.in 
cto/co-founder - Ajay Ruhela ajayruhela@energyinelligence.in
logistics/operations - Vaibhav Sharma vaibhav@energyintelligence.in

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Energy Intelligence Private Limited

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