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A modem is an internetworking device that allows you to connect to the internet. It stands for modulator-demodulator and converts analog signal to digital signal. A modem transmits the signal from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to your device and vice versa. There are different types of modems available in the market such as fiber, cable, analog, digital subscriber line (DSL), and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). You can select the type according to your need.

As we know a modem works on electricity, and power failure is one of the most common problems in India. Suppose you are on a very important video conference meeting or attending an online test and the electricity goes off suddenly. There will be a loss in the internet connection. To get the solution to this problem, we offer a device small UPS for internet modem. It provides a power backup for your internet modem. It is very reliable and one of the best UPS for modem. This UPS is designed by keeping in mind the power failure problem in India and provides power backup of 2-11 hours. It contains a warranty of three years and expected battery life of about five years. Its design is very simple, hence can be used by anyone.

After the pandemic broke in 2020, the use of the internet increases by manifold. Many companies are doing their work completely online. Many people are doing their job from home. The classes of students also run online. The demand for online shopping has also increased. Therefore for all these reasons, the use of the internet increased tremendously. To fulfill these needs, Power back-up is necessary. Our small UPS for modem solves these problems easily by giving the power backup for long hours and allows you to do your work uninterruptedly.

Features of Small UPS for Modem :

Support Both 12V and 9 V

Some modem works on 12 V platform and some other works on 9 V platform. The small UPS for internet modem supports both the platforms.

Uninterrupted Power-Backup

These UPS provide you power back-up of 2-11 hours. By buying our UPS, you will get a warranty of three years and expected battery life of five years.

Smart Charging

This UPS for modem has an intelligent battery management system. It starts charging itself when it gets electricity. Small UPS is automatic UPS for modem thus when a power failure occurs, it automatically switches on.

Made in India

Today, several companies from all over the world come to India to produce products instead of just marketing them here. This UPS is completely made in India and effectively handles the power failure problem of India.

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