This where we share our progress, thoughts and seek your input – Page 2

This where we share our progress, thoughts and seek your input

  • Know Your Watts 004

    "Batteries are the new Oil" is our mantra.

    With a broad range of scale (grid to nano), efficiency and clean  nature batteries will be the key technology that will bring renewable energy to scale of energy needs of the world.

  • Know Your Watts 003

    This blog is an introduction to how different electric storage technologies compare along some key dimensions. Read on.
  • Know Your Watts 002

    Know Your Watts - 002 Most renewable power sources are unpredictable. For us to become a society using more renewables and less “carbon-based energ...
  • Know Your Watts 001

    Know Your Watts 001

    Series about energy. This one talks about energy production and consumption in India and how we can get better

  • Know Your Watts - Learn more about our energy consumption and future

    We are starting ‘KnowYourWatts Series’ today to cover a variety of topics in this space. Let us know what you think and suggest else what you would like covered.
  • 45" TV, 2-4 hours backup during power cuts and protecting your TV from surge/DB cutover!!

    Friends We are proud to present our latest power backup solution to take care of you TV, laptop and router during power cuts.  It has dual outputs ...
  • Energy Intelligence UPS for Un-Interrupted Synology and Asustor NAS

    Network-attached storage (NAS) is a file-level computer data storage server connected to a computer network providing data access to a heterogeneo...
  • WiFi Router UPS

    Backup power for internet modem/router
  • Now smaller backup units with 2-4 hours of backup

    Now available lower capacity (means lower backup time and lower cost) 18WHr model
  • New 54WHr units. 6-11 hours backup

    Hello Friends Thank You all once again for providing all the encouragement, feedback and buying from us. Based on more requests for even higher ca...
  • Achieve Faster Charging & Higher Capacity

    Hello again friends THANK YOU all for an overwhelming response as well as trusting us and partnering with us to help you with Work@Home, Learn@Home...
  • Higher capacity mini UPS - Almost 20% more

    Now introducing 18.5% higher capacity mini UPS for 12V and 9V
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