Image illustrating use of Energy Intelligence Shakti Series 100 Power Station to power Jio Air Fiber system

Power Backup solution for Jio Air FIber

Jio Air Fiber Power Station - Shakti Series 100

In the ever-evolving landscape of power backup solutions, we at Energy Intelligence are pleased with the introduction of the Jio Air Fiber compatible Power Station - Shakti Series 100. This power solution is specifically designed to complement the Jio Air Fiber system, offering users a reliable and versatile backup power source.

Powerful Performance in a Compact Package

The Shakti 100 packs a substantial 30,000 mAh (96 WHr) capacity into a sleek, portable design. Utilizing electric vehicle-grade Li-Ion batteries, this power station ensures long-lasting and efficient performance. The device's ability to handle AC loads up to 100W, with a total peak load of 100W, makes it suitable for powering not just your Jio Air Fiber unit, but a variety of small electronic devices as well.

Versatile Output Options

One of the standout features of the Shakti 100 is its array of output options, catering to a wide range of devices:

1. Two AC outlets (220V, 50Hz) with a combined output of 100W
2. Three USB-A ports for charging smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices
3. One USB-C port with Power Delivery (PD) capability up to 30W, ideal for modern laptops and fast-charging smartphones

This diverse set of outputs ensures that you can power your Jio Air Fiber unit while simultaneously charging multiple devices, making it an all-in-one power solution for your digital needs.

Designed for Portability and Durability

The Shakti 100's design emphasizes both portability and durability:

- Lightweight aluminum enclosure for electromagnetic shielding and efficient heat dissipation
- Compact size with high energy density (over 90 WHr/kg and 93 WHr/liter)
- Airline-approved for carry-on luggage (96 WHr capacity)

These features make the Shakti 100 not just a home backup solution, but also a perfect travel companion for those who need reliable power on the go.

Safety First: Multi-Layer Protection

With Lithium Ion battries, safety is paramount. The Shakti 100 has six layers of protection:

1. Battery Management System (BMS)
2. Overcharge protection
3. Over-discharge protection
4. Short-circuit protection
5. Over-current protection
6. Over-temperature protection

Additionally, the custom-engineered Li-Ion CC/CV charger ensures long life and safe operation, giving users peace of mind while using the device.

Eco-Friendly Charging Option

For the outdoors bound and environmentally conscious users, the Shakti 100 offers the ability to charge via solar panels (sold separately). This feature not only provides an eco-friendly charging option but also enhances the device's versatility, making it suitable for outdoor adventures or areas with limited access to grid power. 

Beyond Jio Air Fiber: Expanded Use Cases

While primarily designed for Jio Air Fiber users, the Shakti 100's versatility extends far beyond:

- Mobile phone charging: Multiple USB ports allow for charging several devices simultaneously
- Laptop power: The USB-C PD port can charge most USB-C laptops
- CPAP machine backup: Provides power for most CPAP machines for a limited duration
- Small appliances: Can power small fans, lights, or 40" TV, 24" monitors etc.

User-Friendly Features

The power station includes several user-friendly features:

  • Digital display with battery voltage showing remaining capcity
  • LED indicators for charging status
  • Quiet operation with no fan noise
  • "Reserve" indicator when ~10% capacity is remaining
  • Pass through charging with ability to charge and use simultaneously so it can be used as a UPS.

Warranty and Support

Shakti Series 100 power station comes with an 18-month warranty, which can be extended for another 18 months. This commitment to after-sales support adds value to the product and provides assurance to users. Design and manufactired in India insures service and serviceable parts availability.

Conclusion: A Reliable Power Companion for the Digital Age

The Jio Air Fiber Power Station - Shakti Series 100 represents a significant step forward in portable power solutions. Its focus on compatibility with Jio Air Fiber, coupled with its versatility, safety features, and portability, makes it an attractive option for a wide range of users.

Whether you're looking to ensure uninterrupted internet access during power outages, need a reliable power source for outdoor activities, or simply want a versatile backup power solution for your home, the Shakti 100 delivers. Its thoughtful design, multiple output options, and emphasis on safety demonstrate our commitment to providing comprehensive power backup solutions for the modern, connected lifestyle.

As we continue to rely more heavily on our digital devices and internet connectivity, having a reliable power backup becomes increasingly important. The Shakti 100 not only meets this need but does so with an eye towards future technologies and eco-friendly options. For Jio Air Fiber users and beyond, the Shakti 100 represents a smart investment in power security and digital lifestyle continuity.

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