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Jio Air Fiber Power Station - Shakti Series - 100 - Un-Interrupted Power

Jio Air Fiber Power Station - Shakti Series - 100 - Un-Interrupted Power

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  • Power Station designed for Jio Air Fiber for un-interrupted power
  • AC and DC output
  • AC 100W output 220V 50Hz
    • Works with AC load up to 100W
    • Total peak load of 100W
    • Works with all DC adapters rated 100V 60 Hz to 240V 50 Hz
  • 3 x USB-A and 1 x USB-C
    • 1 x USB-C PD 30W
    • 1 x QC3.0
    • 2 x USB-A
  • Large Capacity: 30,000 mAh (96 WHr) Electric Vehicle grade Li-Ion Batteries
  • Custom engineered Li-Ion CC/CV Charger provided for long life and safe operation
  • Lightweight and durable Aluminium electromagnetically shielding enclosure
  • Optional foldable Solar panel for charging available

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  • Long backup
  • Perfectly suited for your Jio Air FIber unit
  • AC and DC outputs for flexibility and efficiency
  • 2 x AC loads
  • 3 x USB-A and 1 x USB-C 30W PD. Charge any mobile phone and USB-C laptop
  • Total instantaneous load not greater than 100W
  • 220V 50 Hz
  • Visual Battery Capacity Indicator
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Carry
  • Specially designed for Indian climate
  • Aluminum enclosure for light weight, efficient heat dissipation, and superior finish.
  • DC voltage indicator to know renaming battery capacity
  • Compact Size - Most compact with over 90 WHr / kg and 93 WHr / liter
  • 6 Layers of Safety Protection
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) grade Li-Ion batteries
  • Custom engineered Li-Ion CC/CV Charger provided for long life and safe operation
  • All-around Safety: BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Multi-layer protection (Reverse polarity, Over-voltage, Triple-layer over-current, Short-circuit, Surge)
  • Enclosure - Precision LASER cut Aluminium
  • Aluminium enclosure with precision LASER cutting and manufacturing (Thermal balancing for hot climate like India)
  • Designed and manufactured in India #atmanirbhar


DC Output Ratings

  • 1 x USB-C PD (30W)
  • 3 x USB-A 5V, 10W

AC Output Ratings

  • 2 x 220V 50Hz, 100W
  • Total Power rating - 100W AC

Capacity - 30,000 mAH (96 WHr)

Weight - 2126 gms (excluding charger)

Dimensions - 23 cm x 18 cm x 5 cm

Charger - Li-Ion CC/CV Charger (included)


Q: What is the battery capacity of theJio Air Fiber Shakti 100?

A: The Shakti Series 100 has a 96Wh lithium-ion battery pack.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge the power station?

A: It takes approximately 3-5 hours to fully charge the power station from a wall outlet.

Q: Can it power a CPAP machine?

A: Yes, the Shakti Series 100 can power most CPAP machines for a limited duration, depending on the machine's power consumption.

Q: Is it safe to use the power station outdoors?

A: Yes, the power station is designed for outdoor use and has a rugged construction to withstand harsh environments but wet environment and direct sunlight must be avoided.

Q: How many devices can it charge simultaneously?

A: The Shakti Series 100 can power up to 3 devices simultaneously through its various output ports (2 AC outlets, 3 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C port). Total peak combined load must not exceed 100 watt instantaneous

Q: Does it have any safety features?

A: Yes, the power station includes overload, overcurrent, and overcharge protection to prevent damage to the device or connected appliances. In addition it has a thermal sensor.

Q: What is the maximum output wattage of the AC outlets?

A: The two AC outlets on the Shakti Series 100 can provide a peak maximum output of 100W combined.

Q: Can it be recharged using solar panels?

A: Yes, the power station can be recharged using compatible solar panels (not included) through the DC input port. These panels and accessories can be purchased at the accessory collection of this web site

Q: How long can it power a typical laptop?

A: The battery capacity can charge a typical laptop for around 1.5 - 2 times, depending on the laptop's power consumption and usage.

Q: Is it airline-approved for carry-on luggage?

A: Yes, the Shakti Series 100 at 96 WHr and meets the FAA's guidelines for lithium-ion batteries which is 100WHr

Q: Does it have a display to show the remaining battery level?

A: Yes, the power station has an LCD display that shows the battery voltage level and that can be used to assess remaining battery capacity. In addition it has a 'reserve' indicator that goes on when ~15% capacity is remaining

Q: Can it be used to jump-start a car?

A: No, the Shakti Series 100 is not designed for jump-starting vehicles. It is intended for powering smaller electronic devices and appliances.

Q: What is the warranty coverage for this product?

A: The EII Power Station Shakti Series 100 typically comes with an 18 month warranty from the manufacturer, covering defects in materials and workmanship. At time of purchase or within 30 days customers can purchase extended warranty for another 18 months.

Q: Can it be used to power a mini-fridge or a small TV?

A: No, this power station model can power small appliances like mini-fridges and TVs. Please look at Energy Intelligence Shakti Series 200 which can run LED TV and monitors up to 40 inch can work for about 5 hrs

Q: How durable is the construction of the power station?

A: The Shakti Series 100 has a rugged and durable construction, with a sturdy outer casing designed with durable aluminium to withstand outdoor conditions and rough handling.