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Hello again friends

THANK YOU all for an overwhelming response as well as trusting us and partnering with us to help you with Work@Home, Learn@Home and *@Home

Being innovation driven and with agile philosophy combined with our promise to be transparent, here is an update on some learnings - (learnt while working with a few of you) - our valued Customers.

Over the last several weeks, we found a use case and developed a solution. We have realized that for a few of you who experience longer power cuts (4 - 6 hours every day) and if the adaptor provided as OEM with your router is 1A or less, the mini UPS does not get enough energy to fully charge while the adaptor is driving the router in power on mode. (Remember that when the power is on, the adaptor has to drive the router and charge the batteries in the UPS)

In the last few weeks we have sourced and certified a quality 12V 2A adaptor and have tuned it for best operation with faster and complete charging of the UPS. You need this ONLY if you have longer power outages and your OEM adapter is 1A or less. If you want to discuss this please reach out to us

You can now order this adaptor from our secure web-site at 12V 2A Adaptor for Faster Charging and Higher Capacity.

As always please feel free to reach out to us for any questions, comments feedback and appreciate words.

The Energy Intelligence Team


Comparison of different models here.





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