"WHY" DC Power stations are better than UPS

"WHY" DC Power stations are better than UPS

Reason # 1 - More backup in smaller, lighter, cheaper package

The Energy Intelligence UPS is lighter, smaller and cheaper for the backup it provides compared to any other conventional UPS. The main reason for this is that it has a smaller footprint, uses Lithium-Ion batteries. It uses less electricity and does not require as much power to run as the losses are minimal compared to conventional UPS.

The Energy Intelligence UPS also uses less energy compared to other options available today. This means that it will use less electricity when compared to other options available today. This makes it an attractive option for those who are looking for a reliable way to backup their data without having to worry about being cut off from the rest of the world when they need it most!

There are many different UPS offering backup solutions now but none have been able to beat Energy Intelligence in overall backup compared to Volume/Weight of any other UPS.

Another big reason is that in conventional UPS you have to change battery once every three years. Energy Intelligence Power Backup come with 3 years warranty including the batteries.

Comparison of size with conventional UPS

Comparison of size of Energy Intelligence Laptop Power Bank + UPS with a Conventional UPS

Reason # 2 - Three times the warranty of any other such UPS 

Most conventional UPS are based on inverters and lead acid battery. Most warranty they provide is 6 months. With EV grade Lithium Ion batteries and superb design, we provide an 18 months including batteries. 3 times the others.

Lithium Ion battery is a better option as it lasts longer than Lead Acid, which most conventional UPS are based on.

3x Warranty compared to any other conventional UPS

Reason # 3 - (Most important for you) More backup with same published storage capacity

Conventional UPS provide AC (Alternating Current) output using the inverter technology. Usually the inverter is always on.

Inverters have a native efficiency of at most 50%. So usually greater than 50% of energy stored in conventional UPS is lost as heat in inverters.

Most laptops, routers and other electronic devices work using lower voltage DC (Direct Current). These adapters have an efficiency of 60-80%. So from battery to the device, over 60% of stored energy in batteries is wasted. Picture below illustrates the energy stored and the wasted energy when using conventional UPS. Per our benchmarking a typical 7 Ahr battery UPS which has stored capacity of 84 Whr the useful energy we get is 28 WHr. That is 66% stored energy wasted.

 Picture showing how over 70% of stored energy in conventional UPS is wasted

To use this stored energy efficiently, we have come up with a DC Power bank with UPS feature. In this line of products there is no inverter and regulated DC power is delivered directly from the batteries. Picture below illustrates the small amount of losses in a DC UPS. Most of the energy stored in the batteries is used for providing backup to power your devices thus materially more backup from same published capacity.

 Efficiency of Energy Intelligence Laptop Power Bank with UPS feature

Any other questions feel free to reach out to us at hello@energyintelligence.in

Team Energy Intelligence

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