Why Energy Intelligence? Best UPS and Laptop Power Banks

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Best in class 3 Years Warranty

You, our customers, care primarily about value for your investment. In the end what you care about is

  1. Meeting your power backup needs,
  2. do it at the cost that you see value in and
  3. the solutions last the duration where you do not have to think and worry about it all the time.

With a 3 years warranty - not offered by any such vendors - we stand behind our products to earn your trust. We can provide this level of warranty, 3x to 6x any comparable products, because:

  • we use the best quality components,
  • we take personal care in building and testing any thing we build and
  • we have multiple patents pending - using which we can get most life of our backup products. 

We also have 3 Year residual Value offer. Use your devices for 3 years and after 3 years to the date of your purchase, return your device in any condition for a 30% credit on any products we have at that time. It is our way to promise the value, earn your trust and responsibly dispose any electronics/batteries after a useful life.

Electric Vehicle Grade Li-Ion Cell

Have you ever bought a power bank in a rush, only to have it stop working in 2 months? Many of us have.

For building products that you rely on and trust, we have made it a point to only use Electric Vehicle (EV) grade cells which are designed to last longer and operate in a harsher environment. Using EV grade cells gets us the capacity and longevity well ahead of what is used by most other cheaper products. Using specially designed enclosures and connectors that are suitable for tropical climate, we make sure that our products are durable and can withstand high humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Multi Device Compatible

Most UPS available in the market today are mass produced and try to be one size fit all. Our engineering teams work very closely with different devices and device manufacturers to precisely tune and optimize our products to work with your device. 

We have devices with multiple configurations:

  1. Voltage rating of 12/9/5/19/20/220V
  2. Current rating of 0.5A to 3.5A
  3. 24+ connectors for various devices

With this wide range of voltage and current ratings, we can support almost any device you need backup for. With our wide range of accessories, you can connect devices with different connectors including two devices to a single UPS. We also have a BUILD-TO-ORDER service available.

If you are not sure of which device to purchase from our store, reach out to us and we will be able to advice you which products meet your needs the best.

Range of Backup Capacities

Along with supporting multiple devices we also have multiple capacities. We have products that range from a capacity of 4,400 mAh to 44,000 mAh. Depending your load voltage and current, you can get anywhere from 1 to 11 hours backup.

We have also build micro-UPS solutions for those hard to fit needs, as well as larger power backup solutions.

Optimized and Tuned for specific devices

In our website you will see specific configurations for devices like Jio, Syrotech, Synology, Raspberry Pi and many more like Alphion/Nokia-2425. We have these specific configurations because many of these routers and special devices like NAS and Raspberry Pi have specific voltage, current and connector requirements. We can support the most.

Many of these devices are highly sensitive to the supply voltage and with a commodity UPS either you don't get enough backup and in worst case you can damage your device. With our ability to precisely match the voltage and maximum current ratings our products, you can be rest assured that you will get the most backup without any risk to your workload.

If you have any special requirements for power backup, do reach out to us, as we have build a spectrum of custom solutions for our customers.  

Multi Vendor Tuned and Tested

We stock and acquire a wide range of Routers, ONUs, cable modems, laptops and phones in our certification labs to make sure our device are configured just right. In addition, we use comprehensive testing methodologies for validating the voltage accuracy, performance, capacitythermal behavior and longevity of every product we make. Each piece is individually quality inspected before dispatch.

While we stock many of the most popular makes and models of routers, laptops and phones to test with, we cannot possibly test with every workload. Please reach out to us and if there is enough demand we can add the device you have to our certification lab and certify your workload with our products.

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