Router WiFi UPS

Router WiFi UPS

Select the right model to fit your needs.     


 RU12 RU24 RU46 RU611 RUJxx
Backup Duration 1-2 hrs 2-4 hrs 4-6 hrs 6-11 hrs

2-8 hrs


miniUPS is a UPS especially designed for WiFi Routers as a power backup solution for any 12V/9V/5V/19V device with current consumption up to 3.5 Amps such as Wifi-Routers, modems, camera, cordless phones, access control systems etc. It is a patent pending product which ensures performance, power and reliability as a complete package for peace of your mind.

If you have ever experienced a power cut while you are in the middle of a banking transaction or Google Meet/zoom/skype meeting or Work from home or Online live event or taking classes from home or any deadline related work where power interruption can deter your productivity or ruin your moment, then you will need miniUPS to avoid all such impact.

Compared to others similar products in market this miniUPS has following innovative and unique patent pending features :

- Even if miniUPS is fully discharged after long power cut, the charging and current balancing algorithm ensures the cell charging takes place using your standard 12 V original adapter supplied along with Router or other devices almost instantly once the power supply is restored. (even if the adapter is of lower capacity of 1.2 Amp. This is one of the most common problem with some of the products)

- We only use cells that are Electrical Vehicle grade for higher life and enhanced safety for at home application using unique charging algorithm.

- We have UPS for wifi router that can provide you backup from 1 to 11 hours depending on your WiFi Router

- The unit has reverse polarity Protection, over current Protection, over Voltage and under voltage protection and additional transit surge protect to take care of unstable grids supply in semi-urban areas and buildings with backup Generator.

RU12 - 1-2 hours backup

RU24 - 2-4 hours backup

RU46 - 4-6 hours backup

RU611 - 6 - 11 hours backup

Designed and Built in India for Indian conditions. #atmanirbhar #atmanirbharbharat

  • Indoor use only
  • Top of the unit has thermal equalization slot. Avoid spilling of liquids for safe operation and warranty

Single Device WiFi Setup

If your configuration has single device (WiFi Router only) like this: 

Order Single Device Setup Package that has cables to power single 12V/9V device from the UPS. (Please make sure to select right Voltage anc Capacity Model) 

Dual Device WiFi Setup

If your configuration has two devices (modem and WiFi Router) like this:

Order Dual Device* Package that has cables to power both of your 12V /9V devices from the UPS. (*When using Dual Device setup, total backup tie will be between 3-4 hours depending on rating of devices)



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