UPS/Powerbank Selection Guide

Select the right model to fit your needs.

Optimizing Power Delivery for all your devices: A Selection Guide for Router UPS, Laptop Power Banks, and Universal DC Device Backups.

In this page we present a concise yet comprehensive selection tool for Energy Intelligence's key backup power solutions. Catering to diverse user needs, the tool encompasses router UPS, laptop power banks, and universal backup options for most DC-powered devices.

This table serves as a decisive factor in guiding users towards the ideal product. Key selection criteria are meticulously laid out, empowering users to make informed choices based on their specific requirements.

For those seeking more in-depth guidance or clarification on nuanced aspects, Energy Intelligence readily offers two convenient channels for expert consultation:

  • Direct Email:
  • Live Chat Function: Available on the webpage

By leveraging this expert support, users can gain invaluable insights and ensure they select the backup power solution that best aligns with their technical specifications and operational demands.

It embodies Energy Intelligence's commitment to empowering users with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the often-complex landscape of backup power solutions.

 Router UPS Lite

8000 - 10000 mAH

Router UPS

16000 - 20000 mAH

Laptop Powerbank


26000 - 33000 mAH

Universal Powerbank


52000 - 60000 mAH

✓ < 2.5A
✓ < 3.5A
✓ (Total 75W)
✓ (<65W)
✓ (<65W)
✓ (Total 75W)
USB-C ✓ (Total 75W)
Backup Duration 3 - 4 hrs 8 - 12 hrs 4-6 hrs 4 - 12 hrs