Energy Intelligence miniUPS Features

Key Features of Energy Intelligence miniUPS

Product Features
Feature Why You should Care?
Backup time 2 - 11 hrs Survive longer power-cuts. 30%+
Battery Capacity 18 / 27 / 32 / 54 WHr Survive longer power-cuts
Battery Grade Electric Vehicle Grade Longer Battery Life
Max. Current 2.5 A Works for higher power routers. 25%+
Voltage 12/9/5
(Custom Accessory for 9/5V)
V Protect your investment
Same device can be used for 12 or 9V
Warranty 3 Yrs Peace of mind
Min. Adapter
1.2 A Stable operation at low battery charge
Deep Discharge
Yes Longer Life, More Cycles
Dual Device
1 UPS runs 2 devices
(with custom accessory)
Stretch your investment
subject to total current of 2.5A
Protection Reverse Polarity, Over-current, Thermal cutoff Reduced operational risk
No risk during transport/storage
Arched slot for airflow Increased battery life
Charge &
Application specific proprietary algorithm Increased battery life
Origin Designed & Built in India #atmanirbhar
Backup On/Off Yes Storage life & Transport Safety
0 - 60 Temp. range for Indian Climate
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