Energy Intelligence NAS (Network Attached Storage) UPS
Energy intelligence NAS UPS with some information
Energy intelligence NAS UPS and some NAS Device with some information
Energy intelligence NAS UPS
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Energy Intelligence NAS (Network Attached Storage) UPS

Energy Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.
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Product Description:

Energy Intelligence speciality nasUPS is an uninterrupted power backup solution for NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices like synology and asustor. This UPS features special high current module, voltage regulators and has been specially certified with NAS devices.

You install NAS devices to have always on storage. Why put with power outages. Sometimes multiple power outages can also damage the NAS or corrupt your storage. The devices has been tested for NAS devices like Synology DS218j, DS220j, DS220+ and most Asustor NAS devices. If you want to confirm which UPS you need for your NAS device, please reach out to us with the exact make and model of your NAS device, its adapter and we will help you select the correct model.

Keeps your NAS array running from 1 - 3 hours with no interruption with power cuts and no risk of corruption due to power fluctuations or cuts. (Actual backup duration depends on the power consumption of your NAS model. For most devices you will get above backup)

  • Works for NAS rating of 12V (based on your selection) and up to 3.5A (at 12V). Most NAS devices work at 12V, but in case your NAS device is 9V/5V/19V we have solution for you, please reach out to us/select the correct voltage at checkout.
  • Application specific Patented Pending charging and discharging for long battery life
  • The only backup device with Electric Vehicle grade cells for longer life, enhanced safety and 3 years of warranty (including battery)


Voltage Rating – 12V/9V/5V/19V (most NAS devices work at 12V)

Current Rating - ⩽ 3.5A (at 12V)

  • Smart Battery Management System(BMS)
  • Battery capacity - 16,000mAH
  • 3 Yrs warranty including battery
  • Reverse polarity protection, over-voltage protection, triple-layer over-current protection, short-circuit protection, and surge protection
  • Specially designed for Indian climate and it is designed and built in India

      How to choose the right configuration? Single step process.

      • This model works for NAS devices that have an external AC adapter. Check your NAS adapter Voltage and Current rating. Best way to check it is to look at the sticker on the adapter used by your NAS device. The sticker looks like this.
      Adapter specification plate
      • Based on above, Select the right Voltage  (12V/9V/5V/19V)


      • The miniUPS contains Li-Ion cell for energy storage.
      • Do not store them in hot areas (for e.g. sunlight, hot vehicles, stove, next to microwave)
      • Do not crush them
      • Dispose them after useful life at nearest e-waste center
      • If your utility power in not stable OR your DG generator supply voltage fluctuates OR you are in zone with lightning and thunder please use spike buster/surge protector to protect your adapter and miniUPS

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