WiFi UPS in 2022 - Why you need one!!

WiFi UPS in 2022 - Why you need one!!

The work-from-home culture exploded after the pandemic swept the globe, and we were prisoned in our homes while our worldly affairs ceased to continue. New home offices were set up to preserve productivity. Online education became the only option. Now even after the pandemic, 'the home' culture continues. But the major factor which is hampering Work and education is a power outage causing Internet disruption. A WiFi UPS is the best ally in such situations, ensuring that you have constant internet access whether you're, working, watching, studying or simply chilling on social media.

This article will guide you to the sheer importance of WIFI UPS.

What are WIFI UPS?

A router UPS is just a power backup device that you can connect to your WiFi and Modem, and in the event of a power loss, the WiFi will operate on battery power. Consider this a backup power source for your WiFi.

Wifi Router UPS

Significance of WIFI UPS in India

Since plenty of our worldly affairs, such as Work, meetings, studying and other important communication, depends upon the Internet, any disruption in Internet connection has the potential to cause a huge frustration in our day-to-day life.

A huge portion of the rural and sometimes Urban areas is deprived of adequate electricity. This year India faced severe coal crises resulting in triggered power shortages. As the Work from home culture is rising across India, such problems have caused hindrance to people working from home or people who just want to enjoy seamless internet connection.

This makes the importance of WIFI UPS clearly evident.

In India, a WIFI UPS can save you from a great deal of frustration that can be caused due to power disruption.

Get a look at some of the benefits that a WIFI UPS has to offer.

Benefits of WiFi UPS -:

Saves from disruption

Today's world allows no room for any kind of disruption. As the world currently runs on the Internet, being unable to connect to it while working or doing a key activity is frustrating as well as problematic. Disruptions of this nature might lead to unpleasant experiences in the course of business and Work. This explains the importance of WIFI UPS in ensuring a smooth working environment.


UPS proves itself to be utterly useful as it is exceptionally valuable when

In the case of a power outage. A UPS system ensures that there will be an immediate power supply in the event of a power failure. There is no need for manual intervention in this case. Similarly, the battery within the UPS will automatically charge itself when the electricity returns.

Protects the router

Its components are designed to safeguard the WiFi router from any short circuit caused by a power loss or a high voltage condition because it is a specific device for your UPS.

Emergency backup for other devices

Besides acting as a backup for the router during an electrical outage, a WiFi router can also charge your smartphone or supply power to any other outlet you need

For students.

Students are spending more time learning online as the distance-based, online education culture grows. A power outage can significantly impede their learning and deprive them of crucial classes. In such cases, a WiFi router is very much needed.

 Extensive battery backups

 Modern UPS provide extensive battery backups, which ensures that your Work keeps on and the internet connection keeps on with zero hindrance.

A lot of our Work depends on our internet connection;

Things to consider before buying a UPS

  • Warranty
  • Battery capacity
  • Size
  • Voltage

Why Energy intelligence WiFi UPS is best WIFI UPS?

Simply because Energy Intelligence has designed a WIFI UPS that can be described as a State-Of-Art. It is only WIFI UPS with a three-year guarantee and a thirty-day risk-free return period. It features a massive battery capacity of 16000mAh and can provide an extended power backup of up to 11 hours. How much is it? Right! 16000!. There is no better option. There is no better alternative to the WIFI UPS developed by Energy Intelligence.

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