WiFi Router UPS from Energy Intelligence India

We introduce mini UPS for WiFI Router. A 12V UPS device to provide uninterrupted power to devices such as WiFi router, CCTV camera and security systems. The product is designed, built and tested completely in India to solve a need specific to India. A few products in the market that meet this need provide suboptimal solution and most are dependent completely on China. Our 12V 2.5 Amp miniUPS uses a unique adaptive charging capability to improve reliability and longevity. Even in buildings with backup generator a power blip causes all critical work to be interrupted – whether be a financial transaction, a critical presentation or a customer call. The UPS has a protection system designed to withstand voltage fluctuations and surges with three layers of protection. Our extensive EnergyIntelligence test methodology was used to test this product electrically and mechanically for fault indications, reliability and longevity. This product is Patent Pending and built in India with minimal imported parts.

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