To WFH or Not to WFH

As Shakespeare would have said -  To WFH or Not to WFH.

The debate rages on, if work from home is staying. We believe not only it is here to stay, but with the right approach it can make our society more productive, resilient, efficient and happy. Yes happy. 

In the end, the purpose of an enterprise is to grow economy so that it’s citizens can pursue life, liberty and happiness. We have not met anyone who sees sitting in traffic for hours, followed by sitting in a cube and meetings as particularly liberating or happy. But then organizations have to produce - workers have to work. The proverbial trains have to work on time. As the modern economy has demonstrated in last two years, most  of the knowledge workers can continue working effectively as long as the basic  tools of the trade are available. And what are those tools you say?

A laptop (or two for some of you), internet access (the reliable kind), two screens (an extra screen  is shown to have increase productivity by over 30% but more about that later) and a personal support system.

 In the last two years, despite all the hardships, sickness and sufferings, it has become clear to that being close to the family, friends and your home/home office can be a healer. So those who could work from home not only kept many of our critical systems going, but they were  there for their family, community and could continue to earn a living.

Coming back to the tools of the trade, all these tools need reliable power. We at energy intelligence work with a fundamental fact that we don’t have an energy problem - we have an energy storage problem. Every hour earth gets enough energy from the sun to meet all of human energy needs for a year. Yes, you read it right - so we repeat - in one hour our earth gets more energy than us humans need in a year. So why all the fuss about energy, green energy,  dirty energy. If we scale our capability of energy storage from micro scale to industrial scale, within 10 years we can solve the energy problem in a “green” way.

We have committed to doing our part in enabling this almost infinite energy supply to improve our lives and economy. We have been building products grounds up to meet the special needs for WFH in an environment where reliable power is not guaranteed. From WIFi router miniUPS to UPS for your laptops, computers, monitors, mesh routers and special devices like Google Nest and NAS devices , our mission is to allow and enable all knowledge workers today and metaverse workers in the future work productively from home without ever worrying about power. We will be the oil in the new economy. 

You can order from our online store a’la carte or buy one of our work from home (WFH) bundles. Read us at for any questions and bundles. For corporate enquiries or special bundles or references from our corporate customers, reach us at

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