Sustainable Engineering at Energy Intelligence

Sustainable Engineering at Energy Intelligence

Hello Friends,

In the past we have talked in our vlog about #atmanirbhar and what it means to us ▶️  and why is it important for our country. Lately we have been analyzing the real and hidden costs of imports and it is clear to us how important our mission of Make in India is for our country and for our planet. The lonely planet.

There are more than 5500 container ships in the world today. On an average ~20-30% of worlds Nirox Oxide (NOX) pollution and ~10% of Sulphur Dioxide (SOX) pollution comes from ocean going ships. More than 5% of global CO2 emissions can be attributed to the shiping industry. Most sea faring ships use bunker oil - one of the most polluting fuels. The reason these ships do not catch too much attention because their dirty fuel burning smoke stacks in the ocean are not visible to most of us. There are new technologies being developed to reduce the emission at sea with solutions like wind assisted ships from Neoline and other electric solutions. But best solution is how can we reduce the need in the first place.

There are great benefits to buying local. Big one is saving on our carbon footprint. Also, when you buy local, your community gets stronger. Your wealth is not shipped to some far away country, but is use to help build skills, make community healthy and productive.

We source local whenever we can. A few cases where we cannot, we are working tirelessly to develop domestic sources. We hire local even when the work can be done remotely cheaper, we rely on domestic expertise. We are looking to not just build a business but building a nation. Sustainability to us means environmental, economical and social sustainability.

Our mission of manufacturing our products in India is about standing up to these values:

  1. Build quality products that meet our needs and are designed to fit India's ecosystem and climate. This is why we can give 3 Years warranty no other manufacturer provides.
  2. Provide extreme customer service from product selection to product disposal.
  3. Build design and manufacturing capability in India to reduce foreign dependence.
  4. Produce and consume local to reduce our global carbon footprint of shipping and build sustainable products.

In every decision we make, we lean on these values so we meet customer needs and are responsible citizens. How we source, how we hire, how we manufacture and how we quality check, these values are always at work. We have programs to responsibly recycle our products at the end of useful life.

We operate by these sustainable engineering values, whether we are engineering our products, developing supply chain, leveraging disposal solutions, shipping or financing.

Tell us what you think.

Team Energy Intelligence


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