4 Trekkers, 4 iPhones, 2 iWatches, 3 days, Manenhanjan to Shrikhola - No worry of power for your devices

4 Trekkers, 4 iPhones, 2 iWatches, 3 days, Manenhanjan to Shrikhola - No worry of power for your devices

A team of four adventure enthusiasts recently embarked on a trek to Sandakphu, one of the most popular and challenging treks in the northeastern region of India. The objective of the team was to complete the Manebhanjan-Tonglu-Sandakphu-Srikhola trek in just two nights and three days, using the Energy Intelligence USB-C power bank to power their four iPhones and two Apple Watches throughout the trip.

Sandakphu Trek Map

The team planned to take pictures and videos, watch stored content, listen to their favorite music/podcast, or read e-books. While the trek houses they stayed in Tonglu had power supply to charge their devices/power banks, the goal was to try to live only on their fully charged devices and a fully charged 97Whr USB-C power bank from Energy Intelligence.

Day 1

The team started the trek from Mane Bhanjan, and after a steep climb, the hike leveled off. However, the team didn't have much energy to take many pictures during the initial ascent. After the hike leveled off, the team relaxed and began to enjoy the scenic views and cool breeze.

Sunrise at Mane Bhanjan

Mane Bhanjan Sunrise

Energy Intelligence USB-C Laptop Power Bank with UPS feature in Mane Bhanjan

Energy Intelligence USB-C laptop power bank with UPS

Initial Hike from Mane Bhanjan


Initial hike from Mane Bhanjan

They had lunch at Lamey Dhura, where the iPhone 12 Pro owner charged her phone to full capacity using a USB-C to lightning adapter while they enjoyed vegetarian thuppa. While the rest of the team was content with their phone's battery capacity, the iPhone 13 Pro user kept the cellular signal on, and their phone kept bouncing between different networks (some in India, some in Nepal). By the time they reached Meghma for a tea break, her phone was at 40%. With a USB-C to lightning cable and the power delivery interface, the phone quickly charged up to 92%, while the team enjoyed chai and some Parle-G biscuits. As they ascended from Meghna to Tonglu, it started to get darker, cooler, and foggier. Everyone was either listening to their favorite music or enjoying the Zen of the trek. Upon arriving at the quaint village of Tonglu, the team was tired, hungry, and their phones were at 70%, 65%, 80%, and 50%, respectively. Their Energy Intelligence USB-C power bank of 97 Whr registered a 75% capacity in its digital display. After a lot of discussion, the team decided to charge one phone (the iPhone 13 Pro Max) directly using the wall outlet in one room and fuel up the Energy Intelligence power bank in the other room. One of the members of the team charged his Apple Watch, while the power bank charged too. The UPS feature came in handy so that with just one outlet, through the night, two devices were charging. At Tonglu, which is located at an altitude of approximately 10,130 ft (3,088.88 m) and with the night temperature nearing zero degrees Celsius, the team quickly fell asleep after a warm dinner of daal/bhaat/chicken curry.

Lamey Dhura break

Lameydhura Arrival

Lunch at Lamey Dhura

Lunch At Lamey Dhura

Entering Tonglu

 Entering Tonglu

Day 2

While the last leg of previous was strenuous, the team was looking forward to Day 2 with anticipation. They woke up early at 5:03 am to see the sunrise, and they charged their watch while they took a quick walk up to see the sunrise. Morning started with the Energy Intelligence power bank at 100%, the iPhone 13 Pro Max at 100%, and the other phones at 75%, 60%, and 55%. With the previous day's experience of the USB-C power delivery interface and quick charging while they had lunch and tea breaks, no one on the team had phone capacity anxiety. The trek down from Tonglu to Tumling was an easy and very enjoyable walk downhill, with the scenery to enjoy.

Sunrise at Tonglu

Sunrise Tonglu

Sunrise At Tonglu II

Phones and Energy Intelligence UPS at Tonglu Viewpoint

Stones and Phones

The journey from Tonglu to Tumling was full of breathtaking scenery and challenging hikes, reminding them of the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The trek started from Tumling to Garibas, with the team taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way. As they reached Garibas, they were welcomed by the Magnolia restaurant and homestay, where they savored the delicious momos for lunch. The team used their Energy Intelligence USB-C power bank to charge their phones while enjoying tea and momos.

Momos at Garibas Magnolia Restaurant and Homestay

 Momos in Garibas

The next leg of the journey was the most challenging, as they had to hike from Garibas at 8500 ft to Sandakphu at 11760 ft above mean sea level. The 6-hour hike was grueling, with many stops along the way. The team managed to reach Sandakphu but their phone batteries were only at 60%. Despite this, the team was not worried as they had full faith in their Energy Intelligence power bank.

The climb from Kalipokhri to Sandakphu

Kalipokhri to Sandakphu grind


Mission Accomplished (at least the climb)

Reaching Sandakphu 

Day 3

The team woke up early in the morning to catch the sunrise from Sandakphu peak. It was freezing cold with temperatures dropping to around -1 degrees Celsius. The team was happy to have their warm jackets and gloves. They also realized that their phones were low on charge with all the podcasts played at night. The Energy Intelligence power bank, however, was still at 95%.

After taking some breathtaking pictures and enjoying the sunrise, the team started their descent towards Shrikhola. They decided to take a slightly different route than the one they had come from, to explore the scenic beauty of the region. The trek was a mix of steep descents and occasional steep climbs, but it was mostly downhill. The team was able to enjoy the beauty of the landscape without worrying too much about their phone batteries.

During their lunch break at Gurdum, the team charged their phones using the Energy Intelligence power bank. They also used the opportunity to enjoy some hot egg curry, rice and tea. The power bank was still at 55% capacity, showing how efficient it was in charging their devices.

As they continued their descent towards Srikhola, the team encountered some beautiful waterfalls and scenic bridges. They took pictures and videos of these beautiful spots to preserve their memories. The energy intelligence power bank continued to keep their devices charged throughout the trip, making it a lot easier for the team to capture their journey.

Finally, after a long and tiring journey of three days, the team arrived at Srikhola. They were tired but happy to have completed the trek successfully.

They all agreed that the Energy Intelligence power bank had been a lifesaver during the trip. It had made it possible for them to capture their journey without worrying about their phones running out of battery.

Sunrise at the Peak

Sandakphu Peak Looking at the kanchunjunga

Holding the prized Energy Intelligence Laptop Powerbank at -1 Celsius

Sandakphu Peak

Early Morning Sandakphu

Cold Morning Sandakphu

Sandakphu Powerbank Sunrise



Wrapping it all up at Shrikhola bridge

Shrikhola Bridge


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