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The best solution for your problem of being plugged into an outlet is a power bank for your laptop and WiFi Router by Energy Intelligence.

We have occasionally found ourselves without access to an outlet for charging a laptop. It has been a major setback in the twenty-first century to see the world evolve into a modern, neo-technological generation where we can easily receive files and obtain information in a fraction of a second. It is infuriating that even after the world has been transformed and upgraded by significant innovations, we still need to charge our laptop while it is plugged into an outlet and your WiFI depends on mains power being on. This is the exact reason Energy Intelligence is bringing you cutting-edge, innovative technology with products that provide dual advantages.

Energy Intelligence has developed an exceptional product that combines the utility of two products into one. A comprehensive answer for those who need to work while on the road, practice work-from-home, or are simply tired of having to keep their laptops phones plugged into wall outlets. Energy Intelligence has developed a two-in-one unique laptop power bank with an ups feature from Energy Intelligence with a 3-year warranty. 

Why is this product state of the art?

Read along with the blog, and the blog will articulate precisely why.


This product is a high-capacity power bank with a three-year warranty. Unlike other products which don't provide this advanced feature, you can use this portable while charging it simultaneously. 


The high-end and long-lasting product with a blasting 3-year warranty provides you with up to a mega 50000 maH battery life, which is more than enough to help you charge laptop and runyour WiFi router uninterrupted.


Energy Intelligence is not only bringing you laptop power bank, but also the safest and most durable product ever. It has 6 layers of protection with a capacity indicator built in. Among these layers are:

  1. HI-Current
  2. HI-Voltage 
  3. HI-Temp
  4. Surge
  5. Short-circuit
  6. Deep Discharge


This product excels in connecting up to 8 laptop brands and models. You can contact us to check other compatible pins or watch the installation video to learn how quickly the device works and gets connected instantly. 


If you travel frequently, the product is the most practical and straightforward to transport. Energy Intelligence provides a product that can withstand any setting. A perfect companion for someone who needs to charge their phones and laptops simultaneously.

With Energy Intelligence's power banks for laptops and mobile phones, you can quickly supplement an outlet.

This one power bank for laptops that is laid out, especially for performing various client tasks, eliminates the need to search for the ideal power bank, which can be a test of skill and endurance. While evaluating the top power banks and cell phones, The most outstanding award in the energy sector was given to Energy Intelligence.

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