Camping? Traveling? Try our Laptop Power Bank - On The Go Bundle

Camping? Traveling for work? Check our Portable Laptop Power Bank with charging in the car

Ashish and Nakul are two of our close friends who love to camp. They have been asking use for several months to come with a solution to charge their laptops in the GO.

Ashish is in sales and in all is sales call during the day his laptop runs out to battery. Things were fine during the pandemic but with Covid becoming and endemic he has been asking us every few days please please do something.

Nakul on the other hand lives in Bhimtal, is a naturalist and is always on the move. Camping away all the places in Himalayan range. His problem, for his data collection he needs to power multiple devices and his laptop.

Finally we listened to them and we recently introduced On The Go Laptop Power Bank. It is a 25,000 mAH power bank. Has a UPS feature - charge and use at the same time. The bundle comes with a mains (110V/220V) charger and car charger. 

Now whether at client's site or with nature never run out of power for your laptop.

Image showing a Laptop Power bank being charged from mains power or automobile

Check it out at


Image showing laptop power bank being charged and used at the same time

Reach us if you have any questions or ideas for unique products like this.


Team Energy Intelligence


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