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Dead Batteries? Stay productive despite power outages with these indispensable products.

For years, technology has surprised the rest of the world. At the core of this revolution is electricity (Energy or power). This source moves major affairs from operating machinery, controlling business affairs, and running entire industries to personal matters such as operating television, computers and other electronics. When this power shuts down, it shuts down our worldly affairs with it. The personal matters of individuals hold high importance and also significantly depend on the power supply. Considering this, Energy intelligence has developed power backup solutions for some of the most basic electronics such as Laptops, WIFI, mobile phones and much more.

Here are some products that will ensure that you have an uninterrupted power supply :

UPS for WiFi Router

A UPS battery, in addition to providing backup power, protects equipment from the potentially destructive effects of power surges. What exactly are surges? They are high-voltage bursts that can destroy sensitive gadgets such as televisions, computers and routers.

What is UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)?

When the electricity goes off, this gadget provides battery backup. A UPS, or uninterruptible. power supply, is used to power a device that requires electricity, the requirement for a separate surge protector strip. A UPS can have many utilities; it can power your router, TV, and other smart gadgets and can be readily found and positioned near your electric centre.

A major part of our everyday responsibilities at offices, college, or business find its huge reliance on a WIFI connection. Managing our worldly affairs without the internet is difficult, if not impossible, in many such circumstances. As a result, having a WiFi connection at all times is critical. In a power outage, a router UPS will come in handy. It allows you to connect to the internet for a few hours using your modem even if you don't have access to electricity. This articulates the applications and benefits of Ups for WiFi Router.

The WiFi Router UPS is a tiny, portable UPS whose major role, like that of a typical UPS, is to provide power backup to WiFi routers during power outages and fluctuations. Unlike ordinary UPS, however, they are designed particularly for low-power equipment such as WiFi routers. This WIFI router UPS unit will ensure that you have an uninterrupted internet connection at home when gaming, working, shopping, or simply relaxing on social media. These compact gadgets contain a built-in battery pack, ensuring power stability even during load-shedding and ensuring that devices are powered without latency.

On the market, there are several high-quality UPS options for WiFi routers. Take Energy Intelligence's WiFi Router UPS, for instance, which offers 8 - 12 hrs backup and is one of the best available.

Laptop Power Bank

Power banks for laptops are one of the best things you can gift your employees to boost their morale. UPS for Laptop can serve as a great power backup for the Laptop to ensure your functioning. External batteries that act as a backup for your Laptop are known as power banks for laptops or UPS for laptops. Laptop power banks offer the particular benefit of being very portable and cost-effective.

If you are looking forward to gifting a laptop power bank to your employees, there is no better alternative to Energy Intelligence's High Capacity Laptop Power Bank with UPS features & 3 Yrs Warranty. Energy Intelligence has developed a Unique Laptop Power Bank with UPS Features with the highest capacity and 3 Yrs. Warranty. Energy Intelligence has also developed a UPS for Led Tv that offers 2-4 hours of backup during power cuts and protects your TV from surge/DB cutover!!

Laptop Car Charger

So you have to travel with your Laptop on a daily basis, yet you frequently find yourself left with nothing but dead batteries?

People who work while travelling regularly look for a solution that allows them to charge their laptop batteries while on the road. In such cases, car laptop chargers can be really useful.

People must have their computers and mobile phones with them at all times, even while they are travelling, in order to attend important meetings or deliver a project.

Car laptop chargers are fantastic issue solvers for travelers in such instances, preventing them from being stranded with a dead laptop.

Energy Intelligence has designed the best Laptop Car charger, which is small and portable and is meant to charge your laptops while you're driving. They've been cleverly designed with a unique charging front that fits into the slot in your car and magically streams the power source. Energy Intelligence also has developed universal car laptop chargers that can charge all types of laptops, phones and tablets, such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, and so on. You can Purchase a car laptop charger that is incredibly effective at charging your Laptop's battery via your car's connection on Energy Intelligence.

What sets Energy intelligence apart?

Our products are the best representatives of our company. We have blazed a trail in providing the best laptop power bank, WIFI UPS, UPS for LED TV and other products with outstanding features that render solutions to all requirements.

Energy Intelligence is cheaply priced, despite its high-end capabilities, and given the benefits it gives, calling it a godsend is not an exaggeration.

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