New 54WHr units. 6-11 hours backup

Hello Friends

Thank You all once again for providing all the encouragement, feedback and buying from us.

Based on more requests for even higher capacity, we are pleased to introduce the new 54WHr units. The new units are same foot print with double the capacity of 27Whr units. That means you can be online longer without power and keep all the access you need for business, school or entertainment. The backup time provided by the 54Whr units is anywhere from 6 to 11 hours, based on your router load.

As we always tell you your backup will vary based on the rating of your WiFi Router/Internet modem and if you opt for a single or a dual device option.

You can use the table at home page to decide which model best works for you.

Wishing you happy ‘working from home’.

Team Energy Intelligence

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