Know Your Watts 004

Know Your Watts 004

Know Your Watts – 004

Electric storage aka batteries are the only technology that provide an efficient way to store, manage, distribute and consume energy. In the end most other storage technologies convert it to electricity.

According the latest World Energy Outlook 2021 from IEA (International Energy Agency), for the clean sources of energy to take hold, storage is the key and according to one projection, for Net Zero Emission (NZE) battery market has to to grow 40X or more in next 30 years.


Projection from IEA on the battery needs for Net Zero Emissions

That is a lot of batteries. After the overused term of “data is the new oil”, it is more like “batteries are the new oil” in a much closer analogy. We see a future where data and batteries will be the new oil. That will be the internet of energy.

Also, to get to a high level of sustainability, it is not just about clean energy sources and storage – it is also about reducing waste and losses through the energy supply chain.

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