Know Your Watts 003

Know Your Watts 003

Focusing on electric storage technologies, while there are many electric storage technologies developed over the last 200+ years, a few have evolved and taken top spot in current electric storage ecosystem.

For most of our current needs that require mobility (think mobile phone, laptops and electric mobility) high energy density and speed of charging are likely the most important dimension, while the cost comes next. LiIon cells have been the most successful in this space. Lead acid batteries continue to be workhorse for legacy carbon fueled automobiles. But things are changing fast.

For grid scale stationary storage many other options open that may have lower energy density but higher longevity. In this chart you can see the comparison of Lead Acid, NiCd, LiIon-NMC and LiIon-LiPo batteries across a few key dimensions.


Know Your Watts 003

We, as a society have started to better understand the impact humanity has had on the earth’s environment. As we look to leverage more renewable energy sources, grid scale centralized, and distributed storage technologies will become critical in next few decades.

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