Know Your Watts 001

Know Your Watts 001

Know Your Watts - 001

It is important for us all to know where our food and energy comes from. We are foodies but no food experts, so we will leave it for you to find more about your food, but we will cover the energy part.

In India, about 55% of energy we consume comes from coal. Coal, oil, and gas together produce ~91% of energy we consume. Are you surprised that our air is polluted and most kids in the city haven’t really seen what blue sky looks like.

Did you know that ~80% energy consumed by Iceland is from renewable sources. Granted Iceland is a ’little’ smaller than India.

Know Your Watts 001 - showing over 90% of energy consumed in Indias is carbon based (coal, gas, oil) and what can we do.

Nevertheless, growing solar, conserving energy and leveraging energy storage for time shifting production and consumption of energy is the key to relying on more renewable energy source and saving the earth.

So, what can YOU do? Walk to your nearby vegetable hawker, use public transport if you can, don’t run that A/C unless you must and use energy storage technologies where you can.

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