"THOUGHT" - Improving Employee Morale

"THOUGHT" - Improving Employee Morale

A guide to uplifting your employee spirits

What is Employee Morale? 

Employee morale is the overall outlook, emotion, and satisfaction of employees towards their jobs and workplace environment. The way they perceive their workplace often decides their productivity. An employee with high morale is happy and enjoys his work. On the contrary, employees with low morale are dissatisfied and keep a negative outlook on their work. When its high, Productivity and performance rise. When it's low, individuals drag themselves to work and are unmotivated, which can lead to disagreements, poor performance, and income loss.

Here are a few strategies you can use to increase employee morale

Reduce Stress

Don't put too much work on your workers' plates. Job overload can lead to Discontent resulting in worse job quality and productivity. Make sure workers' Expectations aren't too high so they don't become burned out.

Honour their accomplishment

Your staff feel valued and that their efforts are contributing to the greater good. Take the time to thank your staff when they go above and beyond to finish an assignment.


Morale may be improved via effective communication and clear expectations. Informing employees on issues that influence the company shows them that you care about their requirements.

Managers who are out of touch with what is going on in the office are prone to overlooking staff morale. Managers can discover moral concerns by conducting frequent employee satisfaction surveys.

Another excellent way to enhance employee morale is by getting them tools that make them efficient, productive and valued

A well-timed gift has the potential to drastically improve your employees' day. A meaningful employee gift can be useful in helping improve team morale. Adding a boost of positive energy to your team can go a long way in improving morale across your team, which makes work more enjoyable for both you and your employees.

A Poll conducted that resulted in claiming that More than 80% of employees feel that corporate gifts have enhanced their overall connection with their employers.

Understanding the benefits of corporate contributions will help you establish an effective corporate giving plan that will help your company flourish.

Here are some unique gifts which you as an employer can gift to your employees

WIFI Router UPS: 

There is no tolerance for any form of disruption in today's environment. Because the world now revolves around the Internet, being unable to access it while working or doing a critical task is both unpleasant and troublesome. Disruptions of this sort may result in unpleasant experiences at work and in the workplace. This highlights the significance of WIFI UPS in maintaining a stable working environment. UPS for WiFi routers can save up a lot of disruptions in the work of your employee. "Wifi Router UPS" are portable UPS which are not specific to wifi routers only. They can provide power backups to any electronic/electrical device with an adequately low power rating that matches its output.

Laptop Power Bank:

Power banks for laptops are one of the best things you can gift your employees to boost their morale. A laptop can serve as a great power backup for a laptop. External batteries that act as a backup for your Laptop are known as power banks for laptops or UPS for laptops. Laptop power banks offer the particular benefit of being very portable and cost-effective.

A car inverter:

A car inverter might be a terrific way to increase your employee's morale. One of the most significant advantages is that a vehicle inverter may provide power backup for your Laptop when the batteries are running low. When your gadget runs out of power, you can use a car inverter to charge it.

If you're unsure, trying to figure out the perfect present for your employees or if you are convinced with the products mentioned above, Energy Intelligence is an absolute stop for you to find all your solutions. Energy Intelligence has designed State-Of-Art products that can best fit corporate gifts. Products such as Car inverters, Router ups and power banks for laptops can be the perfect gift for your employees to save them from power outage anxiety.
Our goal is to facilitate this transition to electric mobility and energy storage in India.

Energy Intelligence is a band of technologists with over 40 years of experience in the IT business. We have extensive hardware, software, and firmware experience, ranging from amateur tinkering to developing and maintaining multi-million dollar organisations. Our the product line comprises the following:

  • Laptop Car Charger/UPS for laptop
  • Router Ups
  • Ups for a Wifi Router
  • Laptop Power Bank
  • Wifi Ups
  • Power Backup for Laptop
  • Car Inverter
  • Car Laptop Charger
  • Ups for Led Tv
  • Power Bank for Laptop
  • Li-ion UPS
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