Incredible response to WiFi Router UPS - Thank You

Hello Friends:

It has been an amazing show of support from all of you for the only UPS designed especially for WiFi router and completely designed and built in India.

In less than a month of launch of the 12V model, we introduced a 9V model to cover many of you who could not use the 12V model that was available. Based on heavy customer demand, we also introduced Cash On Delivery (COD) option and in just one day of COD being available several of you have already used this option. Thank You.

Keep those comments and feedback coming. Since we have completely designed and built it in India #atmanirbhar #atmanirbharbharat, we can always adopt those in future products.

Remember that when you are at our online shop be sure to select the right model (12V or 9V) and setup (Single Device or Dual Device) as you order.

You can order them here directly : 12V or 9V.

As an aside, we are also looking to support your talent in ways we can. First artifact is a sketch from a young artist Tyng.

WFH Interruptions

THANK YOU for your support

Energy Intelligence Team


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