Energy Intelligence Academy

Energy Intelligence Academy

A Different approach to Learning:

We at Energy Intelligence believe in Bloom's taxonomy of learning, and all our courses focus on learning by doing. The outcomes are focused on the higher tiers of learning, thus being able to analyze, evaluate and create is important for all our courses.

Unlike most other courses, all our training programs are designed and delivered, such that during and after the course you focus on analysis, evaluation and creativity, not just memorization and understanding.
Bloom's Law and Energy Intelligence

Our typical course work mix is as following:
Typical course structure of Energy Intelligence Courses

All our courses are designed with following objectives.
  • Practical skills for Electric Vehicle Industry.
  • Bring Industry and Academic closer.
  • Develop a better understanding of the EV ecosystem.


# Description and Audience
EII-102 Practical Lithium Battery Technology
For 3rd and 4th year Mech./Elec. Engg. Students
EII-103 EV Technology for Career Switch
Practicing Engineers who plan to switch to EV Industry
EII-201 EV Technology for Sales Staff
Professionals who plan to be successful in EV Sales


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