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9V 18WHr 2A DC miniUPS for Wi-Fi Router & more (1-2h backup)

9V 18WHr 2A DC miniUPS for Wi-Fi Router & more (1-2h backup)

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Product Description:

Energy Intelligence 9V 18WHR miniUPS is an uninterrupted power backup solution for stationary usage, designed for devices like WiFi routers, internet modem, access control systems, etc.

  • Keeps your WiFi Router/Modem running from 1 to 2 hours with no interruption due to power cuts. (Actual backup duration depends on the power consumption of your router/modem. For most routers you will get above backup)
  • Works for devices rating of 9V(2.5A)
  • Application specific Patented Pending charging, discharging for long battery life
  • The only backup device with Electric Vehicle grade cells for longer life and enhanced safety and 3 years of warranty (including battery)


Voltage Rating – 9V

Configuration – Single or Dual device setup (Dual dual accessory available separately)

  • Smart Battery Management System
  • Battery capacity – 18WHr (27, 32WHr and 54WHr units available too. (WHr - WattHour is a measure of energy stored)
  • 3 Yrs warranty - including battery
  • Supports WiFi routers, cable TV box, CCTV
  • Since Energy Intelligence platform is 12V, we provide a 12V 2A adapter with this unit. The output is 9V.
  • Reverse polarity protection, over-voltage protection, triple-layer over-current protection, short-circuit protection, and surge protection.
  • Specially designed for Indian climate and it is built in India

There are different models based on Voltage & Capacity. You can also buy voltage converter cables separately for dual devices or a combination of voltages. Check the home page  by clicking on  the logo to decide which model is right for you.


  • The miniUPS contains Li-Ion cell for energy storage.
  • Do not store them in hot areas (for e.g. sunlight, hot vehicles, stove, next to microwave)
  • Do not crush them
  • Dispose them after useful life at nearest e-waste center
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