TV & Laptop LiIon Power Backup

45" TV, 2-4 hours backup during power cuts and protecting your TV from surge/DB cutover!!


We are proud to present our latest power backup solution to take care of you TV, laptop and router during power cuts. 

It has dual outputs and is designed to meet your WiFi/Laptop/SetTop BoxLED Computer Monitor (up to 40")/LED TV (up to 45") during power cuts. It has an optional un-interrupted 12/9/19/5V DC output and one switchable 220V output. Apple Mac Laptops are also supported in this model.

We looked far and wide and there are just no solution that allow you to work and entertain through the power cuts. Even if there are products that come close, they are way costly and come with lesser warranty.

We use only EV grade cells, provide 3 years warranty and being a completely #atmanirbhar design and build can provide this level of warranty and service.

We provide personal pre-sales, installation and warranty service with voice, whatsapp and video conversation.

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TV Laptop Power Backup

Team Energy Intelligence

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