Laptop Power Bank for Lenovo, HP by Energy Intelligence India

Laptop Power Bank for Lenovo, HP by Energy Intelligence India

What is a Power bank?

A power bank is an electronic equipment that provides power to any form of electronic device via a USB or some other type of cable. Its functioning concept is like that of the name Bank. It stores electrical energy and sends it to other gadgets when they need power.

A battery pack may appear to be a brick on the surface. On the other hand, a power bank is a sort of gadget that consists of lithium-ion batteries encased in a plastic or a metal body. Its function is critical when your Smartphone or laptop battery runs out.

It is an important accessory and is very important when we go out. It enables on-the-go charging. We can use Laptop power banks, whether the charging connection is DC barrel type or type-C. Many high-quality products are offered at reasonable prices on energy intelligence.

Energy Intelligence laptop power bank supports pin types used by laptop brands such as Lenovo, Acer, HP, Sony, Toshiba, and Samsung. It has top performance and premium build quality, dual USB ports, LED indicators for charge status reminders, and many other features.

Feature / Benefits of buying a Power bank laptop from Energy Intelligence.

Energy Intelligence India provides a unique feature that makes stand in the market is that they provide the 10 different laptop connector pins as shown below.

Laptop Power bank pins

  1. Laptop Power Bank with UPS Feature & 3 Years Warranty which helps to connect and can be used almost all the laptops which maybe Lenovo, HP, Dell, and many more other brands. The pins are easy to carry as it consumes less space and can be easily stored in the bag. 
  1. The Laptop power bank of Energy intelligence India can be used as a multi-functional as you can use charge your mobile with the UPS laptop power bank and also side by side it can help you charge you’re Mobile also.

Energy Intelligence India provides a 100 W charger with the laptop power bank, which makes them unique by adding the feature of using the laptop power bank and charging the laptop power bank simultaneously.

  1. If the battery of the laptop is being damaged or exhausted it needs to be changed. You can use the Energy laptop power bank with UPS feature as it may save your money which costs almost the same as the battery of the laptop.
  1. Energy Intelligence provides 3 Years warranty which is a perfect benefit rather than the 1-year warranty of a laptop battery which you may replace. Also helps multiple users such as mobile charging, and the UPS feature where there is no electricity, It plays a vital role and helps you to come out of it.

This laptop power bank for Lenovo and other brands with 25,000 or a 50,000 mAh capacity, gets extra 6-9 hrs./12-18 hrs. In the laptop power bank for Lenovo, there is a large backup battery with 25,000 and 50,000mAh capacities.

The laptop power bank for Acer has a peak rating of 90W or 130W with a connector USB-A + DC Barrel and DC Barrel with compatibility of laptop pins of laptop brands like Lenovo, Acer, and many more.

You can use this laptop power bank for HP, Lenovo, and many more brands that match these pins. Dell laptops have a highly unique interface and pin layout; therefore, we have a customized setup to evaluate this Lenovo laptop power bank.

However, everyone is unique, as are their requirements and expectations from a battery pack. are also unique Please visit the energy intelligence website for additional information, user reviews, and specs. Purchase the greatest power banks and other mobile accessories from energy intelligence india online.

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