Introducing 32WH units - 4-6 hours backup

Higher capacity mini UPS - Almost 20% more

Hello Friends

Thank You all once again for providing all the encouragement and feedback to us.

Based on many requests of higher capacity, we are pleased to introduce the new 32WH units. The new units are same size and form factor with 18.5% more capacity. That means you can be online longer without power and keep doing all the access you need for business or entertainment. The backup time provided by the 32WH units is almost 1 hour more than the 27WH unit. Again as we always tell you your backup will vary based on the rating of your EiFI Router/Internet modem and if you opt for a single or a dual device option.

You can use the table below to decide which model best works for you.





Product Selection Guidelines






(3 - 5 hrs)



(4 - 6 hrs)





















12 & 9V



Coming soon



Coming soon






₹1799 - ₹2199



₹1999 - ₹2399



◦ WHr - WattHour is measure of energy stored
◦ Backup varys with rating & single/dual setup
◦ Select Single/Dual setup at checkout






Thanks and keep that feedback coming, Reach us at if you have any questions or comments.

Energy Intelligence Team

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